One of the biggest issues I’ve in dealing with hirsutism is the hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is, in brief, the discoloration of the skin from damage. This can be sun damage or mechanical damage.

My main damage was tweezing in grown hairs incorrectly for so many years and not popping pimples and blackheads correctly either.

I recently purchased an AWESOME mechanical juicer! I mean, I have made some very yummy, super healthy drinks from it and I’ve only had it for a couple of days!

But I starting thinking of some good foods I could mix to help clear my troubled skin.

I do know that Vitamin C, Bs, and E are great for clearing the skin. Antioxidants are also very beneficial to folks with hyperpigmentation.

I recently made a juice made of granny smith apples, strawberries, grapefruit, pears, plums, and pineapples.

According to this article by, I already used some of those beneficial foods in my fruit shake.

Strawberries are beneficial to clearing skin because it is a very nice antioxidant.

The article also list the following as good foods for skin with dark spots:

  • dark green leafy veggies
  • Kiwis
  • oranges
  • carrots (My brother in-law swears by carrot juice!)
  • yams
  • grapefruit

Bottom line, most fruits are good for helping to clear your skin because they are packed full of essentials for the body.

I believe if I drink a mixture of these juices and veggies I may see my skin clear up.

I have recently been on the market for a skin brighter to get rid of my dark spots while undergoing my electrolysis treatments. As I stated in a previous post, my electrologists is making me sure Bump and Blemish everyday for my dark marks.

So I think that in addition to some great fruit mixes I should see some relief on my skin by summer….at least, that’s my hope!!

Thanks for reading!